What We Do

Game Design

We design educational maths games that are fun and engaging for all ages. The games are designed by Roy Clutterbuck, a qualified teacer and maths leader to support essential mathematical skills. The games will help improve number fluency; the games are quick-paced and if you practice, you will get faster! The games are not, however, simple rote-learning or recall of facts. Our games are designed to be puzzles that require reasoning and problem solving. Over time you will learn to spot patterns and learn strategies to help you solve the puzzles faster. The games are a great basis to help develop mathematical language and reasoning.

Work with Schools

Lightning Maths was created by Roy Clutterbuck so that he could share his games with other schools. Lightning Maths provides games as well as teaching resources and training to schools.

Lightning Maths is developing a programme to help schools support their most disadvantaged children. Through supoprted sessions playing our games children will have opportunities to practice key number skills in a meaningful context. By following our teaching resources pupils will be able to develop problem strategies in small steps. Most importantly of all, these children will get to experience the joy of maths in a fun, social setting without a textbook or worksheet in sight!

School Events

Lightning Maths is planning to lauch our first inter-school competition in June 2020!
Events are a fantastic way to celebrate the hard-work that pupils have put in to mastering the games throughout the school year. Our events, like our games, are also very social and there will be an emphasis on teamwork and sharing of mathematical strategies with pupils from other schools. The end of year competition also gives pupils, and teachers, a great target to work towards – it is a great motivator to practice at the games! For schools, entering in to the competition is a way to raise the profile of maths and show that maths can be fun and can be enjoyed by anyone!

Our first 11 schools in South-East London

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