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Lampogo 3 is a game of fun, fast-paced number puzzles, a bit like a cross between sudoku and snap. It has been designed to support number fluency as well as problem solving. Lampogo 3 was designed by Roy Clutterbuck, a primary school teacher in London. Roy created Lampogo 3 for his pupils to show them that maths can be playful and enjoyable!
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Lampogo 3 – like a cross between sudoku and snap!

Choose the correct digits, solve the puzzle, win the card!
Who will be the first to shout ‘Lampogo’ and solve the puzzle?
You can play Lampogo 3 competitively, collaboratively, or solo.


Each card shows a number puzzle. Be the first player to put the correct 3 digits in the right order then shout ‘Lampogo’ and win the card! Lampogo 3 can be played competitively, collaboratively or even by yourself in Solo mode.


Lampogo 3 was created by Roy Clutterbuck, a teacher and a maths leader in a London Primary School. To produce his games, Roy set up Lightning Maths as a social enterprise. The aim of Lightning Maths is to move people away from maths anxiety, towards maths fluency. Lightning Maths uses profits to help schools improve maths engagement.


Roy has received support from the School for Social Entrepreneurs and has also won a Let Teachers SHINE award for his Lighting Maths enterprise.
Lampogo 3 has been recommended by National Numeracy and is included in their Family Maths Toolkit.


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4 reviews for Lampogo 3

  1. Brendan Lawson (verified owner)

    Fantastic game! I enjoyed playing it (as a 31 year old person) and my niece loved it too (an 8 year old). There’s a good amount of cards to keep the game fresh and the three variations allow you to make it as difficult as you want. You should try this game 🙂

  2. George Weller

    I use Lampogo 3 with my maths students. It’s a great way for students at all stages to build the basic arithmetic skills that are the foundation needed for the rest of maths!

  3. E Sadler

    I bought a couple of copies of this game for my Year 4 class to play. They have absolutely loved it! They are improving so rapidly with their addition and subtraction skills, not to mention their problem solving. My partner and I play this on weekends and it is a great game for all ages!

  4. Claire Duncombe

    My daughter has really enjoyed playing Lampogo, it’s definitely improved the speed of her mental arithmetic (and possibly mine). It’s easy and quick to play.

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