Our first game ‘Lampogo 3’ is published!

We are thrilled to share Lampogo 3 with the world!

Lampogo 3 is a fun, fast-paced game of number puzzles, like a cross between sudoku and snap. It’s tactile counters and visual puzzles make the problems accessible and enjoyable.

It is the perfect home learning resource for families who want to support maths learning whilst having fun!

Lampogo 3 is available to buy now through our shop.

Crowdfunder Success

Thank you so much to all of our crowdfunder supporters! We met our original target and went on to reach £4,030. The first factory run of Lampogo 3 is underway and will be ready to post in September.

Our Aim: To move people away from maths anxiety, towards maths fluency.

Our Story

Lightning Maths is a social enterprise that makes engaging maths games designed to support fluency and problem solving. Lightning Maths was founded in 2019 by Roy Clutterbuck, a primary school teacher in London, who had been creating games for his pupils to show them that maths can be playful and enjoyable.

Free Puzzles

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"Lampogo 3 is a really fun maths game, it boosts your mind and helps you feel more confident in maths."
Y6 Pupil, Middle Park Primary School

Our Games

Lightning Maths make fun maths resources that present maths puzzles as games rather than worksheets.The games are physical and tactile, they involve flipping over cards and moving counters.

Lightning Maths games are social. It is the social interaction and support during the game that helps build mathematical confidence.

Lampogo 3 is the first game that Lightning Maths has produced.

"Lampogo 3 is a good game for building confidence and giving children the opportunity to say, 'Guess what, I can actually do this - I'm actually capable of doing maths.'"
Antoine Hunte, HLTA Fossdene Primary School

Our work with Schools

Lightning Maths works with schools to support targeted groups of children. We have developed teaching resources for schools to use as well as a programme to support the learning of problem solving strategies.

We are currently carrying out a project funded by the SHINE Trust to research our the effectiveness of our ‘Lampogo 3’ game in schools. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Thanks to all the school who are taking part,


Email: roy@lightningmaths.co.uk