Number Hunters: Maths Event 19th May 2021

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We want to increase children’s confidence by making maths fun, engaging and accessible on National Numeracy Day.

Pupils will enroll in Number Hunter Academy, where they will chase numbers, solve puzzles and crack codes.

We’ll send you everything you need, including practice puzzles to get your Number Hunters used to the games in the week leading to the event, as well as a secret file of puzzles to be revealed during the event.

Our Founder Roy will lead the virtual event, connecting all our school teams together to learn through collaboration and play.

Key Information:

  • This event is free for schools in the North of England including North East England, North West England and Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • There will be a 60m activity on May 19th, for a whole class.
  • Suitable for Year groups 4 – 6.
  • This will be a ‘virtual’ inter-school event. You will run the event in your own classroom, but we will connect through the internet.
  • Resources will be posted and emailed to you in advance.
  • Deadline: Midnight May 3rd