Our Games

Lightning Maths games are engaging and will help people of all ages improve their fluency and problem solving skills. Lightning Maths make fun maths resources that present maths puzzles as games rather than worksheets. The games are physical and tactile, they involve flipping over cards and moving counters. Lightning Maths games are social. It is the social interaction and support during the game that helps build mathematical confidence.

Lampogo 3

Lampogo 3 is the first game that Lightning Maths has produced. It is an educational game that can be used in schools from ages 7+ or can be used at home. It has been designed to support:

  • the learning of number bonds

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • number sense

  • confidence in maths

"Lampogo 3 is the most fun game I've played!"
Y6 Pupil, Fossdene Primary
"Lampogo 3 is challenging and fun and helps me with my maths."
Y4 Pupil, Gordon Primary

Lampogo 3 is currently being tested in schools as part of a research project funded by SHINE Trust. Lightning Maths is working with teachers to find out how Lampogo 3 can be best used in schools. We are also getting feedback from schools about what type of supporting resources teachers would find useful. Lampogo 3 is planned to be published during 2020 and will then be available for purchase for both schools and the general public.

Lampogo 3 is the first of many games that Lightning Maths is planning to produce. We have planned a range of games that would cover the different areas of mathematics. For each of these games we are also planning on making higher level ‘sequels’ that would contain more complex and challenging puzzles.